Since 1972, Sirmos has been a family owned business devoted to craftsmanship, tradition and design. The company provided architects and designers with remarkable in-house sculpting, molding, metalwork and exquisite finishes to create world class lighting fixtures. iWorks, LLC is now  proud to continue the tradition of this long-established classical craft, combining it with innovative modern fabrication and 3D printing technology.

The Sirmos Story

Louis Bromante was a well known and respected New York interior designer. In the early 70’s he met the famous sculptor and architect Edward J. Krumpe. Edward owned a manufacturing company, specializing in decorative lighting and architectural elements made out of plaster. He maintained this business for over 40 years, and at that point was ready to retire. In 1972 Louis bought the company to continue Edward’s legacy. He gave the company a new name – Sirmos. The word comes from Greek meaning “ to mold” “to shape” “to style”. Throughout the years he has created exclusive collections of distinctive furnishings and lighting, available only through the professional network of interior designers and architects.

In 2005, Sirmos was acquired by International Ironworks, Inc and in March 2007, Sirmos became a division of iWorks, LLC. We selected a few of the most iconic pieces from original collection that we now offer as a standard Sirmos line.

Our Process

Sirmos originated as plasterwork and sculpting, using the classic technique where plaster is poured into molds. After the material is set, the mold is being removed and the surface sanded. After the rendering is complete, the plaster is often textured, colored, or painted. For centuries sculptors used lime, sand and variety of cements to create their masterpieces. We use environmentally friendly, non-toxic resin that is typically used to resemble plaster, but more functional and durable. All materials are US made and sourced from local vendors.